Boca Village Animal Hospital - Boca's most caring Veterinarians and Staff!

Boca Raton Veterinarian Dr. Falvia Tompkins

Boca Village Animal Hospital is committed to providing your pet with the most compassionate, caring and competent care at affordable prices in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida. We have an experienced team of Veterinary Doctors and Staff ready to meet your pet every need. Please go to "Veterinary Team" and get to know our Boca Raton Veterinarians, and support people.

"Caring is our specialty"

We are Boca Raton Veterinarians practicing at Boca Village Animal Hospital.  BVA Hosp is located in the heart of Boca Del Mar, at the entrance to Boca Pointe, between Military Trail and Powerline, on SW 18 Street, Boca Raton.

Boca Village Animal Hospital - Surgical & Hospitalization Suite 

Boca Raton Animal Clinic

Boca Village Animal Hospital, is a complete Laser ** surgery suite dedicated to providing your pet with the highest quality care and most compassionate approach.This includes the most up-to-date pain management protocols, advanced monitoring equipment and the safest anesthia available, ensuring your pet's safety and comfort, and all under the supervision of our highly trained Boca Raton Veterinarian doctors and technical staff.

Dog & Cat Grooming Boca Raton

Boca Raton Dog Grooming

Boca Village Animal Hospital's professsional animal groomer,  is experienced in grooming all breeds of dogs and cats, and will pamper your pets with the softest and most loving care.


Boca Raton Dog Boarding - Cats Too!

Dog Boarding Boca Raton

Planning a vacation but want the best for your pet? Why not consider our recently renovated climate controlled Boarding Facility? We are open for both dogs and cats, and with our state of the art dog and cat boarding facility your furry friend will feel right at home. We offer Pet Day care too!


Boca Village Animal Hospital

Caring is our Specialty

Boca Village Animal Hospital provides four main services for your pet:

  • Veterinary Hospital
  • Pet Wellness
  • Dog & Cat Boarding
  • Animal Grooming

Our commitment to you is that "Caring is our specialty".

We exercise that caring in the respect we show our clients, the love and compassion we pour on your pet, the extreme levels of competence we expect from our Boca Raton Veterinarians, and our animal clinic staff, and our investment in the most modern surgical and grooming tools for the care of your dog, cat, or other pets.

Our Boca Raton Veterinarians

A combination of talents working for the health of your family companion

Boca Village Animal Hospital employs four incredibly committed Veterinarians in the service of your pet. Each brings their own unique set of talents and specialties, and a considerable overlap in the core veterinary skills. Our Boca Raton veterinarians are not only appropriately schooled and licensed veterinarians, they are also passionate about their skills, compassionate towards the patients, and personal pet owners as well. Having not one, but four veterinarians in one office, each with their own specialty means that your animal will always receive the best care possible. It also means that we have the resources to work with each others knowledge to ensure the health of your pet. There's nothing like having a competent associate to turn to, when a pet's health is on the line, for another opinion, or a fresh look at a stubborn health issue. We work well together, for the health of your animal, because we are passionate about providing the best possible animal health care in Boca Raton.

Boca Village Animal Hospital Staff

Associates committed to a great veterinary experience

Boca Village Animal Hospital is also supported by friendly, accommodating and highly skilled support staff. From the associate that greets you at the counter, to our bathers, groomers, and billing staff, you can be sure that we are single mindedly focused on one thing.. the best experience possible for you pet. While many of our staff have overlapping skills, their goal is the same. It does not matter if your cat is coming in for a luxury, or medicinal bathing, your dog is here for grooming for that special occasion, if there are health issues, or an emergency, our staff has been meticulously trained to support you and your pet with a deep commitment to caring for your pets, and to treating you, the pet owner, with the utmost of not just respect, but friendly respect.

Services at Boca Village Animal Hospital

Pet Hospital Services

We call ourselves an Animal Hospital, because our first and foremost focus is on the health of your pet. As a hospital, we have a professional and impeccably equipped surgical suite, along with highly competent pet surgeons. We are proud of our top of the line surgical suite, which includes modern equipment like laser surgery for pets, and advance diagnostic equipment including both X-Ray and ultrasound. A pet hospital is not just about the most modern equipment, sterile operating environments and advanced diagnostic equipment. A hospital is also about skilled surgeons. Our veterinarians are trained and skilled, each with their own specialties, to ensure the most positive outcome possible for your pet's surgery.

Animal Clinic Services

As a veterinary clinic in Boca Raton, as well as a pet hospital, we support the day to day needs of your pet. Boca Village Animal Hospital is so much more than "just" a hospital. We keep several examination rooms ensuring that your pet will have as stress free a visit as possible to the pet clinic. Our caring staff and veterinarians spend much of their time working with you on day to day pet care issues like pet allergies, cuts and scrapes, vaccinations, even micro chipping for pet identification. Many pet clinics cover the basics, but here at Boca Village Animal Hospital, the basics are not good enough for our clients and their pets. We have impeccable dental services for your pets, knowing that the mouth is the doorway to their body. Dental Care is healthcare. We are also very focused on providing a holistic veterinary service in Boca Raton, focusing on the whole animal. We stand ready to support you in preventive steps you can take to help prevent a pet hospital visit. We are glad to discuss your pet's diet, how to manage pet behavior, and provide regular routine pet checkups and health screenings. While our facility is setup with the comfort and privacy of your pet in mind during your pet checkups, it is truly the professional staff, and caring veterinarians, it is our people that will make your pet clinic visit productive, fast, and comfortable. We know the bond between you and your pet. When it comes time to say your final goodbyes, we also offer hospice care, and if needed, euthanasia, all in a warm and caring environment.

Pet Grooming, Boca Raton

Sometimes, it's just not about your pet's medical needs. Your pet is beautiful or handsome, and showing it off is absolutely called for. Boca Village Animal Hospital is not entirely mired in the medical field. We "Love Love Love" to prune, preen, trim and bathe your beautiful pet to show them off to all who see them. Not only do we have incredibly accomplished dog grooming in Boca Raton, we also have a facility where the overall caring attitude, and attention to your pet's well being and stress levels lend themselves to a wonderful experience for your pet. Yes, regular grooming is healthy for your pet, there is a wealth of health benefits in regular pet bathing and grooming, but we also understand the pride of pet ownership. A beautifully groomed dog is just so much fun to take with you on your around the town travels, drawing the admiration of all those around you. Bear in mind, that in addition to pet grooming, we are also a veterinarian office in Boca Raton. That means that while your pet is with us being trimmed and groomed, we can at the same time take care of their regular checkup, micro chipping, and any manner of other services, saving you time, and additional trips to the Boca Raton Veterinarian office.

Pet Boarding, Boca Raton

Off on vacation and need a place to board your dog? Cat not feeling well, and need a place for her for the day. Pet day care, and Pet Boarding are just one more way that Boca Village Animal Hospital cares for both our clients, and their pets. We all need vacation time, and worries about where to board your dog can compromise the fun that you have ahead of you. If you want your pet in the best possible environment, where they will be loved, walked, and played with daily, where you won't have to worry about contagions like kennel cough, or other problems sometimes associated with discount Pet boarding facilities.. then Boca Village Animal Hospital is your safest, and most caring alternative. We are veterinarians first. Our facility is impeccably clean and healthy. We care deeply about your pet, whether it is pet day care for the day, or an extended stay, your pet, your dog, your cat, will be incredibly well cared for while staying at our facility. Relax.. go do what you need to do.. your pet will be in loving, caring, and competent hands at the Boca Village Animal Hospital. Boca Village Animal Hospital will give you the peace of mind needed so you can relax.

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